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How did people create languages?

"Creating a Language" is an online game that can be used as a teaching tool in the classroom. The tool allows students to create a communication system together -- a language -- by exchanging sounds they create in a simplified interactive environment online. The game serves as a demonstration of the challenges humans faced over their history, and how we use our minds to come up with ways of sharing ideas through sounds and sights. Relevant subjects: linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, psychology, and communication.


Below summarizes the steps to get started.

Step 1: Enter Your Email

After entering your email address below, and clicking "Create Language," we will forward you instructions on how to give the task to your students, along with a set of pedagogical materials for different age ranges.

Step 2: Send Link

To start playing the game, your students will just need to go that web address (URL) on their laptops or computer stations.

Step 3: Share Results

In the email you will receive, we also include instructions on how to share the results of the experiment with your students. This will allow you to "play back” the “language” your students created.

To get started, enter and click

Questions? Email us: creating@moleculestominds.org.

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